Thursday, April 11, 2013

Potato croquettes and Californian Maki Roll

Just tried Californian Maki roll and some potato croquettes in Karate Kid Restaurant in Landmark Mall Makati City, Philippines. Actually, I was not familiar with this restaurant. It was just timely that we went for a grocery and our helper was the one who bought this food items and he shared it to us and it was lovely.

I will have to try again for their Californian maki because it was tasty and the dips were just perfectly fine. I will also opt to try other offers like sushi and other types of rolls available in their restaurant.
Potato croquettes was just crunchy and fine although I don't find it quite interesting since there was no twist into it. Its like a regular potato that I got used to it that is why, if there is what you call "next time", I won't be ordering potato croquettes again.

But surely their maki was delicious, so I will really recommend this. Have a nice day!


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