Monday, April 1, 2013

Food trip to remember

Last February we went to Shakeys for a treat when our cousin came back to Philippines to have his short vacation. It was also timely because we were also having our vacation. So after we have fetch him at NAIA terminal no. 2, we went straight to the restaurant to eat.

It was such a voluptuous meal indeed. We selected Monster Deal Meal with extra order of two bowls of soup and fresh salad which was not that interesting since the dressing was not enough and it was too dry for me.

The chicken was not that fresh and juicy anymore. It was dry and rubbery in the mouth when you chew it. I don't have anything about Shakeys because this is still our favorite restaurant and we will always go there to eat but that branch was really not promising to me.

Anyway, what is important is that the treat was really great. We had a bonding time with family relatives and this does not happen everyday. Do you have some bonding time with family relatives too. How often and what is the occasion? Have a nice day!


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