Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Buco Pandan for Dessert

Everybody here at home loves Buco Pandan Salad. It is a famous dessert here in the Philippines with a lot of varieties that you can find such as buco pandan ice cream, buco pandan drink and much more. Buco pandan is just easy to prepare, all you need is buco strips, gelatin, all purpose cream, tapioca or pearl balls, sweetened milk and pandan leaves to make the scent more sweet and aromatic.

Just scrape the buco into strips, then cook your gelatin with pandan leaves to make that aromatic scent. Keep the gelatin aside and then cut it into cubes. Place the buco strips and mix it all together with the gelatin with all purpose cream, sweetened milk and your small tapioca balls or pearl balls.

If you may ask what gelatin to use, you can try Alsa gelatin mix, with no flavor of course. You can try the colored green gelatin for this recipe but if that gelly is flavored aside from buco pandan, then don't buy it. It will destroy the flavor if your gelatin is apple flavored.

Anyway I did not include the step by step photos for preparing this recipe. I just have the finish product, anyway if I have the time, I will do post it here. Hope you like this dessert recipe. Enjoy and have a nice day!


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