Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ice Scramble To Beat The Heat

Anyone cares for a sweet dessert? Anyway, its more of a treat this summer to beat the quenching thirst and heat. I would personally suggest you to try ice scramble, well it is a Filipino version of a snow cone but as you can see the difference is what is included into it.

I do like the colorful toppings and yes of course kids do love it too especially if they see the overflowing amount of powdered milk to that toppings.

Yummy Ice Scramble!

Well, if you can see in the photo which I took at home where my brother is selling his famous ice scramble, it is filled with loving delights to fill the sweet tooth's desire. From sprinkles to colorful chocolate candies to marshmallows what more can a kid would ask for.

He sells it ranging from P 5.00 to P 20.00 pesos only which amounts to a measly $0.42 cents of yummy goodness. Well I will get back to the other cups which I said costs only cheaper than 42 cents a dollar. But your tummy can be satisfied with that as in that 42 cents there is already a topping of whipping cream, yes you heard me right, it was not cheap to include that but he just like to get his customers coming back for more.

Just don't ask me how much is the investment to start this type of business. But one thing is for sure, this is really a hit if you consider it as a business this summer. Definitely, summer is soon to go and rainy seasons starting to kick in so as well.


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